Emily Haft Bloom

​​Athena College Advisors, LLC


Emily has been assisting and advising students in the college search and application process for more than 13 years. After a successful career as a writer (3 books and countless magazine articles), Emily began her foray into college admissions counseling by helping students develop thoughtful well-written essays and prepare them for submission. As students and parents began to ask more questions about the process, Emily realized she needed to get smart on all aspects of college admissions and so completed UCLA's College Counseling Certificate program with distinction, a program recognized by NACAC and IECA non-profit college admissions advocacy and governing bodies. Emily is a member of NACAC and a Professional member of IECA .

As a sole proprietor, Emily is able to provide highly personalized, in-depth support through the entire process. She is a statistical data hound, and adept at thinking outside the box, interpreting Common Data Sets and retention data, sniffing out merit money, finding the perfect fit for every kind of student, and helping each one package him or herself effectively. By offering a menu of services instead of just an all-inclusive package, Emily offers as much or as little support as a student and his or her family might need. Need an essay reviewed before submission, a few more schools to add to the list, or does your student need a little nudge to get it all done? Need a little hand-holding, or a Common App fine-toothed comb review before your student submits those applications
? Want to know just how to order those extra-curricular activities so they catch the eye of an admissions officer? Struggling to interpret the Score Choice confusion? Call, text or email Emily, and your student will navigate the admissions process with less stress, more efficiency, and the best possible profile. Emily might even be able to help keep the peace between parents and their college-bound student

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